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About Gitrep

Open source software is an incredible asset. It keeps us each from reinventing our own wheel, and allows us to pick the best community-weathered wheel for the job.

This however presents us with a new problem; how to best find and compare different open source options. Typically it is not easy to answer questions like "What is the most popular jQuery Instagram library?" or "What Ruby gems are similar to Devise but newer?".

This is where Gitrep aims to help.

Gitrep allows you to search repositories by community created tags and their descriptions, along with apply personal tags that you can use for your own personal organization. You can also see repositories that are similarly tagged, along with see "users who star this repository typically also star these repositories" type relations.

We are very much still in beta, so features are being rolled out and made available frequently according to what is requested. Issue, question, or request? Let us know!

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