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  1. Icon_public_repo
    8,148 Stars 1,438 Forks almost 9 years ago Created over 3 years ago Updated

    Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java by Square, Inc.

  2. Star

    Build a waiting list that goes viral over at HelloList!

  3. Icon_public_repo
    4,982 Stars 553 Forks about 8 years ago Created almost 4 years ago Updated

    Server Framework for Node.js

  4. Icon_public_repo
    3,822 Stars 1,676 Forks over 8 years ago Created almost 4 years ago Updated

    A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services.

  5. Icon_public_repo
    2,629 Stars 532 Forks almost 7 years ago Created almost 4 years ago Updated

    Repo of the Open Source Android library : RoboSpice. RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous long running tasks easy. It is specialized in network requests, supports caching and offers REST requests out-of-the box using extension modules.

  6. Icon_public_repo
    625 Stars 253 Forks almost 8 years ago Created about 4 years ago Updated

    An Android Library for data management