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  1. Icon_public_repo
    854 Stars 226 Forks over 9 years ago Created almost 5 years ago Updated

    The Python Cryptography Toolkit

  2. Star

    Build a waiting list that goes viral over at HelloList!

  3. Icon_public_repo
    697 Stars 80 Forks about 9 years ago Created over 4 years ago Updated

    Transparent Git Encryption

  4. Icon_public_repo
    418 Stars 84 Forks over 9 years ago Created almost 6 years ago Updated

    Open-Transactions democratizes financial and monetary actions. You can use it for issuing currencies/stock, paying dividends, creating asset accounts, sending/receiving digital cash, writing/depositing cheques, cashier's cheques, creating basket currencies, trading on markets, scripting custom agreements, recurring payments, escrow, etc. Open-Transactions uses strong crypto. The balances are unchangeable (even by a malicious server.) The receipt history is destructible. The transactions are unforgeable. The cash is unlinkable. The cheques are non-repudiable. Etc.

  5. Icon_public_repo
    151 Stars 24 Forks over 7 years ago Created about 5 years ago Updated

    A tool to exploit the hash length extension attack in various hashing algorithms

  6. Icon_public_repo
    115 Stars 16 Forks over 6 years ago Created over 4 years ago Updated

    git-remote-gcrypt: A git remote helper for GPG-encrypted remotes